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Financial Wellness in the Workplace

In this series, we address the case for implementing financial literacy and wellness programs in the workplace in workshops designed for business operations and human resources executives.
Some of the topics we cover include:

  • The perk of financial wellness: attracting and retaining top talent through financial wellness programs.

  • The relationship between financial stress and employee engagement.

  • The employer cost of financial stress. 

  • The low cost/high return proposition of implementing a financial wellness program in the workplace.

Financial Literacy

We provide general financial literacy workshops that are interactive and hands on. Sessions are tailored to specific audiences to address their most pressing issues. Examples of previous workshop topics include:

  • What is your relationship with money? 

  • The roadmap: the financial plan and its essential components.

  • Investing basics: investment vehicles and retirement accounts. 

  • A family affair: getting the family involved in the financial plan.

  • Money savvy kids: it’s never too early to start good money habits.

We share our experience and stories in workshops designed for the finance professional. Some of our content includes the following topics:

  • The fiduciary debate: acting in your clients’ best interest.

  • Asking the right questions: keeping a holistic view of your client’s well-being.

  • Beyond the return: building wealth through skill building.

Entrepreneurs and Finance Professionals

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